About WRWS

We produce content for businesses invested in sharing stories that resonate

About WRWS

Well Read Well Said (WRWS) is a freelance content production company.

We help big brands share their stories through audio and online content creation. The WRWS team partners with organizations like yours to inform, entertain, and build relationships with your customer base.

Your brand is built on the stories that represents it. Allow us to find the right words to communicate who you are, who you serve, and what you do best. 


"We want to create a podcast on our own."

Learn everything your team needs to know about:

  • Creating a show concept and settling on a format
  • Calculating your budget & time commitments
  • Planning for equipment and or studio time expenses

"We have a vision, but need a pro."

Get a full 10-episode season of podcasting done without any heavy lifting. We work out your strategy for you.  

Let us take care of your biggest time drains:

  • Planning & Research - including subject matter, guest relations, scriptwriting, timelines, and budgets  
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Publishing - including show's graphics, detailed SEO friendly show notes,

LIMITATIONS: Ongoing social media interaction and press generation are responsibilities left to our client's respective marketing departments.


"We need help testing if podcasting is right for our brand."

Use our expertise to produce a teaser/abbreviated series of 1 to 3 episodes.

We strategize alongside your team to:

  • Record and edit quality conversations and sharing impactful stories and information.
  • Craft catchy titles and thorough show descriptions and show notes.

LIMITATIONS: Episodes cannot exceed 20-minutes in total length post editing. Pricing does not include graphics, song licensing, guest recruitment, etc. 


Meet Brooke

Founder & Leader Content Strategist

Brooke Brown is the brains behind WRWS's witty and engaging content for brands, publications and people. She is a full-time freelance content producer, with clients across the United States as well as abroad. She holds a bachelor's degree in Arts Administration from Howard University and a master's degree in Business Management from Wake Forest University. Brooke brings a wealth of experience in the non-profit, arts, university fundraising and entertainment industries to each project. Her discerning eye hones in on the purpose and vision behind marketing content. Her work takes into account both a creative and corporate perspective. 

On a personal level, here is a bit of fun information about Brooke. 

She is an avid reader, adventurous road warrior, and long time listener of over 20 podcasts. Once a theatre geek, always an arts lover. She gives a serious damn about shopping locally, traveling internationally, candles that smell heavenly, and the public library. Above all else, she believes in treating your body and people with respect. If it's not already abundantly clear, she's a Gemini born and raised in The South.